Slow & Easy Hydraulic Fracturing

The ‘Slow & Easy’ Hydraulic Fracturing process is an alternative stimulation method developed by TTI for unconventional shale resource development.  It is an innovative technique for the development of complex fractures in low permeability, naturally fractured reservoirs. The Slow & Easy process is a long-term, cyclic injection process with non-damaging, aqueous fluids at lower rates and net pressures to enhance conductivity of the natural fracture system. It is designed to improve and stabilize production; and is ideal for re-fracturing.

The Slow & Easy technique offers significant environmental advantages including smaller equipment footprint; improved wellbore integrity; reduced usage of chemicals & fresh water; reduced risk of ‘frac hits’ and significantly lower risk of induced seismicity.

How Is The Terralog ‘Slow & Easy’ Process Different?

Benefits include:

Slow & Easy Objectives:

Slow & Easy Advantages:

The Slow & Easy process offers significant advantages:

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