North Dakota

Large volumes of Non-Hazardous Oilfield Wastes (NOW) are generated from upstream production operations in North Dakota, such as drilling wastes, oily sludge, produced solids, produced water, and frac fluids, etc. Such waste streams may also be Technologically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (TE-NORM) contaminated.

Terralog Technologies Inc. (TTI) is currently providing planning and design services for the development of a Slurry Fracture Injection™ (SFI™) facility to achieve Zero Discharge oil-production waste management operations. The comprehensive Technical Feasibility Study (TFS) addresses the technical issues and design considerations as follows:

Proper implementation of an SFI disposal facility can provide an environmentally sustainable, secure, Zero-Discharge waste disposal solution, minimizing the need for landfills, and mitigating the risks of long-distance transportation and logistics.

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