Slow & Easy Hydraulic Stimulation

For upstream petroleum industry applications, the ‘Slow & Easy’ Hydraulic Stimulation process is an alternative method developed by TTI for stiff and low-permeability rock types. Slow & Easy stimulation is being used for unconventional hydrocarbon resource development in reservoirs such as shales, tight sands, conglomeratic sands, carbonates, tuff, and CBM.  It is an innovative stimulation technique for the development of complex geomechanics resulting in an enhanced fracture network and Optimized-Stimulated Rock Volume (O-SRV) in such formations. The Slow & Easy process is a cyclic injection process with non-damaging, aqueous fluids at lower rates and net pressures to enhance conductivity of the O-SRV. It is designed to improve and stabilize production; and is ideal for re-fracturing applications.

How Is The Terralog ‘Slow & Easy’ Process Different?

The S&E stimulation key differences vs. conventional frac jobs (MSHF):

Slow & Easy Benefits:

Slow & Easy Objectives:

Slow & Easy Value Proposition:

The Slow & Easy process offers significant advantages:

The S&E stimulation process is the convergence of
environmental sustainability + new geo-stimulation technology + production enhancement + well & field revitalization.


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