Terralog Technologies Inc. (TTI) offers a “Zero Discharge” disposal solution for the management and disposal of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM & TENORM) generated from upstream petroleum operations, in the form of contaminated soil, sludge, water, pipe scale, etc. This unique integrated service includes NORM field surveys & assessments, equipment decontamination & waste segregation, permanent SFI disposal, and HSE controls.

SFI NORM disposal eliminates pollution caused by dumping and surface storage of NORM waste; and eliminates the high costs of NORM treatment and incineration. TTI’s SFI NORM disposal service is fast becoming the disposal solution of choice by regulators worldwide.

In past projects, TTI has provided full scale SFI services for the safe disposal of NORM waste generated by upstream petroleum companies. Special emphasis is placed on the design, equipment selection, and operating specifications to ensure safe handling of NORM, maintain wellbore integrity, maintain waste containment in the in situ target interval, reduce operating costs, optimize formation response, and maximize storage capacity. The following three stages are applied in order to ensure ‘Process Control’:

Deep well disposal of NORM contaminated waste streams has proven to be a viable solution for Zero Discharge waste management.

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