Pechora Sea – AKROS

Terralog provided Cuttings Re-Injection (CRI) support services to AKROS for the offshore Prirazlomnaya oilfield in the Pechora Sea. The CRI process was used to dispose of various E&P waste streams such as drilling mud, drill cuttings, other drilling wastes, cement returns, displacement fluid, waste water, and produced water. The subsurface technical engineering support for this project included the following services:

In addition, Terralog also developed an innovative Discrete Element Method (DEM) numerical modelling approach to simulate complex deep well disposal operations for this project. The model can be calibrated to field data (from injection operations) and used as a diagnostic tool to assess formation and overburden response to long-term, sustained, large volume, cyclic deep well disposal operations. The objectives of this DEM work can be summarized as follows:

The DEM approach provided a significantly improved ability to assess and characterize formation response to sophisticated deep well disposal processes.

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